Debbie’s Bridal Session at Off the Grid in Dallas, TX – Dallas Wedding Photographer

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Debbie’s bridal session took place at Off the Grid in Dallas, TX. Besides being wonderful and gorgeous, she’s an amazing person, too! Her bridal session took place on the last snow day of the 2014. We moved her session inside after checking the forecast and were confined to one floor in the newly renovated Off the Grid. It’s one of my favorite spaces because of its industrial vibe and big windows that provide plenty of natural light.

She and Joe tied the knot yesterday, so that means I can FINALLY publish her stunning bridal portraits!

debbie-bridal-portraits_0002 debbie-bridal-portraits_0003 debbie-bridal-portraits_0004 debbie-bridal-portraits_0005 debbie-bridal-portraits_0006 debbie-bridal-portraits_0007 debbie-bridal-portraits_0008 debbie-bridal-portraits_0009 debbie-bridal-portraits_0010 debbie-bridal-portraits_0011 debbie-bridal-portraits_0012

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