Marci and Andre’s Engagement Session in Denton Town Square

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Marci and Andre both have a rich history with the city of Denton: they both went to college there, and it’s where they really got to know each other during the first stages of their relationship, so naturally they wanted to venture down memory lane for their engagement session.

Before we headed north, though, we absolutely had to have a mini family session with their two dogs, Boz and Lilly.

  marci-andre-denton-tx-engagement_0003 marci-andre-denton-tx-engagement_0004 marci-andre-denton-tx-engagement_0005

Once the dogs had had their fill of standing still, we made our way to Denton Town Square for the remainder of their session, which coincided perfectly with the beautiful “Golden Hour” sunlight that occurs right before sunset.

marci-andre-denton-tx-engagement_0006 marci-andre-denton-tx-engagement_0007

Marci’s engagement ring is so unique and beautiful!

marci-andre-denton-tx-engagement_0008 marci-andre-denton-tx-engagement_0009 marci-andre-denton-tx-engagement_0010 marci-andre-denton-tx-engagement_0012 marci-andre-denton-tx-engagement_0013 marci-andre-denton-tx-engagement_0014 marci-andre-denton-tx-engagement_0015 marci-andre-denton-tx-engagement_0016 marci-andre-denton-tx-engagement_0017 marci-andre-denton-tx-engagement_0018

We wrapped up the session by visiting one of Marci and Andre’s old haunts, Recycled Books: a vast cornucopia of used books, records, and so much more.


You might think some of these pictures were posed, but they were truly browsing for some vinyl! (Nick and I had to greatly resist the urge to join them.)

marci-andre-denton-tx-engagement_0020 marci-andre-denton-tx-engagement_0021 marci-andre-denton-tx-engagement_0022

A small but culturally rich city like Denton holds a lot of memories, and I really enjoyed making my own memories with these two. We can’t wait to photograph Marci and Andre’s wedding this June!

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