Stephen and Tavo’s Fort Worth Wedding at Artspace 111

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Stephen and Tavo’s wedding was a truly unique experience. Not only was it May 4th, Star Wars Day (May the 4th be with you!), but their special day was officially my first chance to photograph a same-sex wedding. On top of all of that, the wedding took place in a fantastic warehouse-turned-art-gallery in Fort Worth, Artspace 111. Many thanks to Stephen and Tavo for trusting me to document this momentous occasion and for being such truly wonderful people!

I avoid discussing politics or issues on my blog. However, I just wanted to mention that, regardless of the law, Stephen and Tavo are truly and deeply in love, and I literally felt my soul smiling for them as the day progressed. ALL love is beautiful!

Also, I should mention the wedding coordinator, Olivia McMasters; it was her first wedding, and she did an AMAZING job!

The day started with Stephen and Tavo’s groom & groom portraits!

stephen-tavo-wedding_0001  stephen-tavo-wedding_0004 stephen-tavo-wedding_0006 stephen-tavo-wedding_0007

So handsome!

 stephen-tavo-wedding_0009 stephen-tavo-wedding_0011 stephen-tavo-wedding_0013

I was loving the tie and bow-tie coordination :)

stephen-tavo-wedding_0014 stephen-tavo-wedding_0015

stephen-tavo-wedding_0019 stephen-tavo-wedding_0021

The decorations were totally swoon worthy. From the shades of grey and green everywhere, to the beautiful potted succulents and bow-tie shaped napkins, everything really tied together!

stephen-tavo-wedding_0022 stephen-tavo-wedding_0023 stephen-tavo-wedding_0024 stephen-tavo-wedding_0025 stephen-tavo-wedding_0026

Who doesn’t love Instagram?

stephen-tavo-wedding_0027 stephen-tavo-wedding_0028
And the cake! Succulents everywhere! :)

stephen-tavo-wedding_0030 stephen-tavo-wedding_0031 stephen-tavo-wedding_0032

Parents and guests began to arrive.

stephen-tavo-wedding_0033 stephen-tavo-wedding_0034 stephen-tavo-wedding_0035
And it was then time for the ceremony! Jeff Rodriguez was the officiant, and as usual, he did an amazing job. He brings such grace and elegance to anyone’s wedding vows.

stephen-tavo-wedding_0036 stephen-tavo-wedding_0037 stephen-tavo-wedding_0039 stephen-tavo-wedding_0040 stephen-tavo-wedding_0041 stephen-tavo-wedding_0043 stephen-tavo-wedding_0045 stephen-tavo-wedding_0047 stephen-tavo-wedding_0048 stephen-tavo-wedding_0049 stephen-tavo-wedding_0050  stephen-tavo-wedding_0052 stephen-tavo-wedding_0054  stephen-tavo-wedding_0056 stephen-tavo-wedding_0058 stephen-tavo-wedding_0059

The lovely wedding coordinators!

stephen-tavo-wedding_0061 stephen-tavo-wedding_0062 stephen-tavo-wedding_0063 stephen-tavo-wedding_0064 stephen-tavo-wedding_0066 stephen-tavo-wedding_0067 stephen-tavo-wedding_0069

Toasts were had:

stephen-tavo-wedding_0071 stephen-tavo-wedding_0072

Cake cutting!


The grooms and the wonderful wedding coordinator!


First Dance:

 stephen-tavo-wedding_0076 stephen-tavo-wedding_0077 stephen-tavo-wedding_0078 stephen-tavo-wedding_0079 stephen-tavo-wedding_0080 stephen-tavo-wedding_0081 stephen-tavo-wedding_0082 stephen-tavo-wedding_0087 stephen-tavo-wedding_0088 stephen-tavo-wedding_0089 stephen-tavo-wedding_0090 stephen-tavo-wedding_0092 stephen-tavo-wedding_0093

All-in-all, it was a fantastic wedding to document. I was so honored to record such a special day and had a total blast.

We look forward to photographing many more same-sex weddings in the near future :)

5 Responses

  1. Jake
    May 20, 2013

    Amazing work. You guys captured Stephen and Tavo perfectly!

    • Melissa Claire Photography
      May 20, 2013

      Thank you so much for the comment, Jake! It means the world, especially coming from a fellow photographer! :D

      It was a truly wonderful wedding!!

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