Emily and Steven’s Quirky, Literary, Superhero Wedding

I just love quirky weddings! Emily and Steven’s wedding was truly unique with its many lovely elements and wonderful details that ultimately created an aura of literature, superheroes, and pie. It’s a wedding that I won’t soon forget :)

Both the ceremony and reception were held at St. Stephen’s Presbyterian Church in Fort Worth which is an absolutely breathtaking location.

I arrived while Emily was getting ready could sense the growing anticipation in the room.





emily-steven-wedding-5 emily-steven-wedding-6

As Emily is a librarian, and Steven teaches history (hence the literary theme), it was almost too perfect that I was able to photograph her wedding dress in a library! And I totally loved the addition of a navy cardigan.


Why yes, these groom’s boutonnieres are made of actual comic book pages!



While I was documenting Emily and her friends all getting ready, Nick took the guys outside for the absolutely necessary unveiling-of-the-inner-superhero photo. emily-steven-wedding-14



Library cards as date night ideas! Does it get any cuter than that? And their “Up!” themed decorations were definitely swoon-worthy.


More beautiful books:

This has to be one of the cutest pie toppers ever:


Wedding pies!

emily-steven-wedding-18 emily-steven-wedding-19

emily-steven-wedding-20 emily-steven-wedding-21 emily-steven-wedding-22 emily-steven-wedding-23 emily-steven-wedding-24

emily-steven-wedding-80 emily-steven-wedding-25 emily-steven-wedding-27 emily-steven-wedding-28 emily-steven-wedding-29 emily-steven-wedding-30 emily-steven-wedding-31 emily-steven-wedding-32 emily-steven-wedding-33 emily-steven-wedding-34 emily-steven-wedding-35 emily-steven-wedding-36 emily-steven-wedding-37 emily-steven-wedding-38

Seriously, this church is so beautiful and classic: real bells, a pipe organ in the rear choir loft, beautiful stone walls, and so much stained glass.

emily-steven-wedding-39 emily-steven-wedding-40 emily-steven-wedding-41 emily-steven-wedding-42 emily-steven-wedding-43 emily-steven-wedding-44 emily-steven-wedding-45 emily-steven-wedding-46 emily-steven-wedding-47

After family photos, Emily and Steven took a few minutes to have a quiet moment to eat before heading over to the reception.emily-steven-wedding-48 emily-steven-wedding-49 emily-steven-wedding-50    emily-steven-wedding-54  emily-steven-wedding-56


I loved these adorable mason jars which served the dual purpose of root beer float containers!

emily-steven-wedding-58  emily-steven-wedding-60 emily-steven-wedding-61 emily-steven-wedding-62 emily-steven-wedding-63

Krystal and Matt (whose wedding we’re photographing this September!) did a fantastic job working a photo booth during the reception! You can visit her photo booth/photography website here.emily-steven-wedding-64

It was then time for toasts:



emily-steven-wedding-82    emily-steven-wedding-69 emily-steven-wedding-70

Pie cutting:


I just thought this was appropriate and perfect (the reception tables had butcher paper and crayons for everyone to express themselves):


Amidst the hubbub, this guy was calmly reading and enjoying a Coke like a boss. So cute!

emily-steven-wedding-73 emily-steven-wedding-74

Emily and Steven, it was such an honor to be invited in to document your wedding day.

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