Emily and Steven’s Engagement Session

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If you follow me on twitter, you may have seen how Nick and I learned the basics of off-camera flash from the wonderful Havi Frost. Throughout an evening spent working with multiple flashes of all different styles and qualities, she completely changed the way we both think about using the flash and helped us come to a deeper understanding of the very nature of light.

We met Emily and Steven at St. Stephen’s Presbyterian, one of the most beautiful churches I have ever seen. Luckily for us, they are also going to have their wedding there, so this was a perfect way to become acquainted with the area (a much appreciated opportunity that certainly doesn’t always occur). Emily had sent me photographs of the building’s different rooms earlier on, and I seized the opportunity to test out our new flash techniques in all of these beautiful and varied locations. I want to sincerely thank Emily and Steven for being so flexible and open minded as we tested different ideas out. I think the little bit of extra time really made a difference!

We started the session on the church grounds. It had been raining all day, but the weather cleared up just in time to take a few nice outdoor shots. Steven is a social studies teacher, and Emily is a librarian, which meant that books were a must have in this photo shoot!

When Steven proposed, he popped the question with a fortune cookie while on a picnic! We had to have a mini-re enactment of that moment:

You did good, Steven. Quite good.

With night fast approaching, we brought out the new off-camera flash setup. Thanks to Nick for being such an excellent tripod/light stand.

We then made our way to a small library upstairs where I wanted to show off its beautiful windows.

This book, “The Missing Piece” by Shel Silverstein, is extremely special to Emily and Steven. Last Thanksgiving, Emily visited New York City with her sister, Ellen, and her mom. When she arrived home, Steven was waiting at the airport with a surprise: a hand made frame with quotes and pictures from “The Missing Piece” etched into the wood. How romantic!

We may have discussed politics and government throughout the whole photo shoot, which led Steven to be exceptionally contemplative in this next photograph.

And finally, my favorite part of the session which took place in a mini movie theater.

Emily and Steven, we can’t wait to document your wedding day in March!

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